Well like most of you I have been doing my online shopping and trying to spend money I have not got, online. However, I thought, I’m bored of this shopping I am going to have a look round and see who else is delivering Mental Health First Aid Training in the Peterborough area.

I tapped Mental Health First Aid Training Peterborough into my Google search bar and was pleased to see https://wellbeing.altta.co.uk/adult-mental-health-awareness-course/ came up on page 2.

This is an extremely new site and to be ranking on page 2 is great. I then got to thinking about if I was looking for a course would I go to page 2?

The answer was probably not

MHFA should be accessible to everyone.

Before I go any further, I am not in the business of slandering other companies. I looked at page 1 and found a lot of the courses being advertised as paid advertising were from out of the Peterborough area or had training venues that were hired. Eventbrite is another one I looked at, again most of the people advertising were either out of town or relying on somebody else to provide a venue.

Then we get to the questionable. I won’t mention their name, but let’s say they are a massive provider of physical and mental health first aid training.

When I looked at their site, I looked at the prices and was shocked to see that they are charging a MASSIVE £101 per person more.

Would you pay more for the same thing?

What do you get from them that you would not get from us? My guess is not a lot. We have the same issue with physical first aid, you are paying for the name and not necessarily the quality.

I continued my journey through the rest of the companies and the story was pretty much the same all the way through.

I then had a look at a lot of the blurb that is on the websites and in some cases, it was impressive. Doctors, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Nurses the list went on and on.

This looks great but, ask yourself this question.

Are you a Doctor, Nurse, Psychiatrist, Mental Health Nurse, etc? Also, think of a time when you went to a hospital or a Doctors, did you understand the language that was being used by the Doctor?

In a lot of cases they will use medical jargon that is not easily understood

I have had this experience myself when being taught physical first aid by a Paramedic, their knowledge was fantastic, but I could not understand a thing they were saying.

So, why use Altta Group?

So, the bit you have all been waiting for, why use Altta Group for your Mental Health First Aid Training? 

We have everything inhouse, from our instructor to our venue. What this means to you is the course other than in an extreme emergency will go ahead.

We never cancel courses.

Our philosophy is – we advertised the course, you booked the course, it is not your fault if we do not get satisfactory numbers. If, however we had to pay a venue then we would have no choice but to cancel due to the cost.

Our Mental Health First Aid instructor is employed by Altta Group. (This means that there is no risk of the instructor cancelling to take another job that pays more money.)

Why else are we the best choice for you?

Unless you are a Doctor, Nurse, Psychiatrist, Mental Health Nurse etc. then we will speak your language.

Our Mental Health First Aid instructor believes nothing will be taught if it is not understood. He is extremely good at keeping things at the correct level for the group and not making things unnecessarily difficult

He is also able to bring realism to the class by being a Crisis Volunteer with SHOUT. Every week he is helping people with Mental Health issues and learning about new resources and how to deal with different scenarios.

This experience along with the easy to understand training style is what makes us stand out as a training provider

This experience along with the easy to understand training style is what makes us stand out as a training provider.

He also does not believe in death by PowerPoint.

If it is on subject and relevant the class are encouraged to speak about the relevant topics and bring their experiences. This really helps settle the group, especially if there is someone who has a lived experience and is willing to share.

As a company we have been trading for nearly 7 years. As individuals, the directors have been in and around training for a combined total of 80 years.

It is this experience that really makes us stand out. When you phone our office, you will get a member of staff that will help you and lead you through the booking procedure.

s a company we are extremely flexible and will help you achieve your goals as best we can. We have a lovely training academy in Peterborough that has FREE parking and is easily accessible from the A1 and by bus.

When you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by a friendly member of staff and once the formalities are over you will be shown where the free tea and coffee is so you can help yourself.

Our experienced instructor will then guide you through your learning journey and give you all the tools you need to become a Mental Health First Aider and really make a difference.

As well as having our training academy, we are fully prepared to deliver the training at a suitable venue of your choice should this be what you wish.

So, what was the point in the blog?

I hope from reading this that you can see, page 1 may look good, having medical qualifications may sound fantastic, but it may just be it is not what you need for your learning journey.

We ensure a pain free experience that is engaging, fun and most importantly worthwhile.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.