2 Day Mental Health
First Aid Course

Everyone needs your help, even when their pain isn’t visible.
Become a Mental health First Aider and save lives.

Become a mental health First Aider with Altta

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Based in Peterborough, Altta Group exists to provide an extensive range of training. Our team of trainers have a vast array of skills and knowledge, enabling…

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Our wellbeing courses aim to provide you with the correct training to aid you in becoming a qualified MHFA and suitable candidate to observe and help others.

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You can book your course by calling us on 01733 237 115 or emailing info@altta.co.uk or using our booking form here

Why is wellbeing important?

Mental Health is not a curse word, in fact, it is something we all have. But why is there such a powerful stigma attached? Especially when people are comfortable to sit and discuss their physical issues at work and in social situations?

Mental Health charities and foundations have been slowly chipping away at the social stigma well faced by those who have Mental Health issues. People are beginning to open up about the subject more, but there is still a long way to go.

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What We Offer

First Aid

Our first aid instructors have dealt with a wide range of incidents from cut fingers through to CPR on a member of the public.

Health & Safety 

The Managing Safely course is designed with those who are responsible for health and safety matters within the workplace.


We can discuss any questions you may have regarding first aid and provide information on how this course can benefit those around you.


Our training programmes teach individuals the important and fundamental skills needed to excel in the workplace or benefit those around them.

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What’s new with Altta Wellbeing?


Listening to the news lately, I have noticed the word 'suicide' being mentioned a few times. That’s a few times too many by the way. This blog is here to...
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We take pride in the courses we teach. Without this attitude, we wouldn’t have been able to gain such a strong and positive reputation as a provider of in-depth and essential courses.

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