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About Altta Wellbeing

Did you know that mental health issues account for more time lost at work than physical problems? That is why here at Altta Wellbeing, we actively encourage training to become a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA). This course will not make you a doctor or psychiatrist, but instead a valid team member who is trained to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health.

Everyone is potentially just one, small incident away from suffering a mental health problem. However, there is such a powerful stigma attached to it. Even though people are beginning to open up about the subject, there is still a long way to go.

Just like physical problems, the sooner we can get professional help, the quicker the road to recovery can begin.

Our wellbeing courses aim to provide you with the correct training to aid you in becoming a qualified MHFA and suitable candidate to observe and help others.

Based in Peterborough, Altta Group exists to provide an extensive range of training. Our team of trainers have a vast array of skills and knowledge, enabling them to cover all aspects of teaching and provide professional and precise delivery.

It is our firm belief that you should be provided with only the best high-quality teaching. Therefore it is for that reason that all our instructors have work and training experience in their area of expertise. This way, we can guarantee that our courses have a sense of realism, as well as meeting your expectations.

We take pride in the courses we teach. Without this attitude, we wouldn’t have been able to gain such a strong and positive reputation as a provider of in-depth and essential courses.

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