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NEW Mental Health First Aid For Logistics Course

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We have created a new Mental Health First Aid For Logistics course For those of you that know us, Altta Group Limited is very much behind the push for getting…

Have you heard of SHOUT and their fantastic work?

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Have you considered people's mental health at Christmas time? "The Greatest Gift they'll Get This Year is Life…". We are sure you are all aware of the lyric for the…

Our Guide To Working From Home

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Our top tips to avoid burnout out whilst working from home There is no doubt that people's anxiety has increased recently. Not only as a result of the recent pandemic…
The 3 Peak Welsh Challenge

Tackling The Welsh 3 Peak Challenge

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How I took on the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge & what I learnt along the way Well, what a day Saturday the 15th of August was. It was the day…
stressed woman pinching her nose and holding glasses while working

COVID-19 and how it has created a rise in Worker Anxiety

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It’s no surprise that everyone has been stressing about COVID-19 and the impact it has been having on our way of life. But for many workers, things are a lot…

Isolation and Mental Health: Keep In Touch

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Well like me I am sure most of you are at home and following all the rules. It has not even been 2 weeks yet since we closed the doors…

Signposts for Mental Health

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As trainers we are often asked when rules have changed or when did they introduce a certain rule. The reality is the rules have been in for a long time,…

A Black Dog Named Depression

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"He clings to me and is a beast at times, but then I learned to train him otherwise." Depression can be confusing to try and articulate, but it’s often described…

Why choose us?

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Well like most of you I have been doing my online shopping and trying to spend money I have not got, online. However, I thought, I’m bored of this shopping…

FC Slimpossible: Men suffer from weight issues too.

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Imagine going to bed one night with a relatively good 6 pack and waking up with a keg. This is a common story for many people and one that resonates…

Benefits Of Having A Mental Health First Aider In The Workplace

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Benefits of having a Mental Health First Aider in the workplace Nearly every company in the UK has a physical first aider. Why? Because the health and wellbeing of employees…

ALGEE – 5 letters, 1 life saved every time.

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How do we react when we encounter a mental health crisis? Approaching someone with mental health issues needs to be treated with compassion and respect. To make it somewhat easier,…


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Listening to the news lately, I have noticed the word 'suicide' being mentioned a few times. That’s a few times too many by the way. This blog is here to…

Anxiety Disorder

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I’m sitting here now wondering what I should write for this blog. I could not think of a thing. I then remembered I had a deadline to get this done…